One Of The Things That Makes Us Unique

One of the most popular items in birth photography for clients and a big deciding factor when it comes to which birth photographer you will be booking is hands down the VIDEO!!

Images have the power to WOW you when it is hanging on a wall or using it as your ever growing collection of technology devices home screens, but the video just brings that extra bit of sparkle and life to your package and experience.

The emotionally captivating video that is produced with all the moments of joy, tears of happiness and relief that finally you can see this little miracle for the very first time brings is just priceless. It is produced with your personal choice of licensed music so you can share as you wish and allow whoever you would like to share a small part of your personal journey to new life.
It is through these stills and video footage that really and truly allows the parents to relive those huge life changing moments and when my clients tell me they can’t help but cry when they get to see their videos for the first time and everytime after that makes me feel truly that I have done my job to the best of my ability.