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Yellow Lemon Baby Birth Photography specialises in birth photography in Cape Town. Traveling outside of Cape Town can be arranged should you wish to do so. As you know birth can either be a long process or very quick so we do bare this is mind accordingly.

To give you a very quick introduction. My name is Kristen van Staden. I am a single mom to three busy and content little people. With two girls and a bouncing boy I have hands on experience when it comes to being a mom. I know the special moments we wish to hold onto for a life time. This allows my passion for birth photography to be seen in my work and appreciated by many of my clients.

My husband was tragically killed riding his motorbike when I was just three weeks pregnant with our third baby. And as a mother of three who has been through tragedy, I have so much appreciation for these special moments that change your life. I think that to be able to show a child the story of how he/she came into this life (and how much he/she was wanted, along with siblings’ reactions) is an incredible gift to a parent, but also to that child one day.

I truly believe that those first memories and stories of love and connection are the most treasured heirloom we can give our children.

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